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#1 Oct 6th 2007 4:22 pm

From: Stellenbosch
Registered: Aug 12th 2006
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Meer oor Mycorrhiza

Gister hoor ek by die mense wat aan ons kompos verskaf en ons grond ontleding doen oor 'n produk met die naam Biocult Mycorrhiza. Dit is een of ander fungus wat homself vestig aan die wortelstelsel en hoef net een keer toegedien te word. Plante wat geokuleer was met Mycorrhiza toon blykbaar fenomenale resultate: massiewe wortelstelsel, beter water en voedingstowwe absorpsie uit die grond, sterker en gesonder plant wat meer bestand is teen siektes, hor opbrengste. Die produk is ook baie bekostigbaar en kos net so R40 vir 'n sakkie wat meer as genoeg behoort te wees per plant. Mens dien net so paar teelepels wanneer jy plant aan en die Mycorrhiza bind dan aan die wortels en groei dan verder. Vind meer uit oor Biocult Mycorrhiza en waar dit beskikbaar is vanaf hulle oulike webwerf by:

Nou ek het tevore vir die eerste keer van Mycorrhiza gehoor toe ek daaroor gelees het op Joel Hollland se Holland's Land O' Giant's webwerf - maar het nie soveel aandag daaraan gegee nie - en nie regtig gedink dit is plaaslik beskikbaar nie.

Ek dink meeste van die top reuse pampoen groeiers in Amerika gebruik dit.

Jy kan meer uitvind hieroor deur te soek vir: mycorrhizal, mycorrhizae, mycorrhiza en micorrhiza by - en ook vanaf die volgende webwerf:

Hier is wat van die groeiers te s gehad het:

Robert Dailey wrote:

Micorrhiza fungus helps plants, and plants help the fungus.

Micorrhiza fungus creates a symbiotic relationship with a plant through the roots of the plant. The fungus absorbs certain nutrients from plant roots. It in turn, provides the plant roots with large surfaces on which to grow and expand. The fungus also helps the plants by breaking down certain elements that the plant cannot break down by itself.

Ron Wallace, wat verlede jaar die wreld rekord gebreek het - gebruik dit ook. Let wel dat dit in direkte kontak met die wortels moet kom om te werk.

Tremor wrote:

Ronny added more mycorrhizal inoculant all summer as he buried nodes & vines when he grew the 1502. That's good enough for me!

Initially the main planting mound should all get "some"
but we don't know how long the spores will wait for roots to find them. In theory, once the roots are inoculated the additional growth will all be affected. Lab results generally support this theory. However the mycorrhyzae doesn't translocate through the vines. So new roots at nodes logically will need to be inoculated separately.

Ron Wallace was ook gevra oor Mycorrhiza op die bigpumpins chat vanjaar. Hier is wat hy te s gehad het:

don young: ron can you go into bacterial innoculants-did you apply some every so many weeks?
Ron W: every time we burried vines

the cook: miccorhizza u use it all over plant roots on secondaries to/
Ron W: yes cook

Bears: are you careful of what type of fungicides you use to protect soil microactivity
Ron W: yes Jim

garysand wrote:

Holland uses 2lbs per plant, including tap roots. you cant use too much, i mean it wont hurt your plant, it will be wasteful the spores will survive in your patch year after year, not all of them but some

Vineman wrote:

I used it this year and am now a believer. I always wondered how people grew vines as thick as ropes and stumps like trees. Now I have a pretty good idea that Mycorrhizae is a big part of this kind of plant development. I also have a pretty eye-opening picture of mycorrhizae pumped up roots in early June in my diary...check it out!

En nog een van die redes hoekom ek die organiese pad gaan volg van nou af (nie meer chemiese kunsmis nie):

Ljubljana wrote:

Do not get me wrong but I was working on mycorrhiza for my diploma thesis so I feel that I have to explain some more

About mineral ferts: one of the basic functions of mycorrhiza is to provide minerals to the plant. The lack of minerals is one of the signals for the mycorrhiza formation. So when abundant minerals are provided by mineral ferts mycorrhiza disintegrates. The plant grows on as long you provide minerals but the fungi dies off because it can usually not live without the partner plant. However, without the fungi the plant looses other benefits that it gets from mycorrhiza like consistent water supply, balanced mineral supply and important protection against pathogens.

Terloops - Ron Wallace het verlede jaar besluit om net organiese kunsmis te gebruik - en groei toe daarmee 'n wreld rekord 1502 lb pampoen. Soos hy in die bigpumpkins chat ges het (wat ook op die forum verskyn):

PatchMaster: What did you do different in the new patch
Ron W: same as old patch but went organic on fert

Net 'n paar dinge om op tel let:

1. Sekere fungicides maak mycorrhiza dood - so gebruik die regte soort fungicide. Soos Tremor ges het:

Tremor wrote:

These are exciting times to do what I do. Sell fungicides (among other things). Yes, Daconil would likely destroy many beneficial fungi. So as Kyle said, don't drench nor even spray to heavy runoff. Like Dwaine said, beneficial fungi need only inoculate. Then they're going on their own until conditions favor their demise.

2. As jou phosphorus vlakke in jou grond meer as 100ppm is - gaan die mycorrhiza sukkel om te groei. Dit optimale vlak is so 50ppm vir mycorrhiza. Ons sit self met dele van ons patch met 'n ho phosphorus ppm (335 ppm). Ek sal dan eerder nie daar plant vanjaar nie. Dit is blykbaar nie maklik om P te verminder in die grond as dit eers daar is nie. Veroorsaak ook dat seker voedingstowwe nie beskikbaar vir die plant sal wees nie.

Hier is Tremor se antwoord op iemand se grondanalise met 'n phosphorus vlak van 233 ppm:

Tremor wrote:

All that phosphorus is going to lock out some micronutrient & be toxic to mycorrhyzae. However other than trying to take a few years to draft it down, there really is nothing you can do about it.

en kahuna6 se antwoord van iemand wat vra hoe om P te verlaag:

kahuna6 wrote:

The phosphorus level of the soil is considered "too high" if it interferes with the uptake of other essential elements. Zinc is usually the first element to have restricted uptake when soil P becomes high. This effect on Zn uptake is pH dependent: the higher the pH, the worse the problem becomes.

High levels of P are not toxic, I don't believe it to be a large concern except for some studies which confirm mycorrhizal fungi is significantly reduced at high soil phosphorus levels above 140ppm. The development of mycorrhizal relationships were found to be the greatest when soil phosphorus levels were at 50ppm.

Fresh manure is the source.

Buckwheat fixes P from the soil. Removing a cover crop at harvest will help lower levels.

3. Waar om jou Mycorrhiza te stoor

Die beste plek is in die yskas. Mycorrhiza se leeftyd behoort dan so 6 maande te wees. As dit buite gestoor word (temp van so 25 C) behoort dit 4 maande te hou. Ook belangrik dat dit nie aan direkte sonlig blootgestel word nie. Die ideale stoortemperatuur is 4-10 C - dit moet net nie vries nie.

Ek kon ook die volgende informasie vanaf die Biocult webwerf opspoor:

2.4 What must I avoid (or is detrimental to mycorrhiza) ?
2.4.1 Storage.
As a living organism, mycorrhizal inoculum is susceptible to the environment. It is important that the inoculum must not be put in the sun or expose it to freezing temperature,. Temperature over 50 C may be lethal. The lifespan of spores are 6 months to a year depending on storage conditions.

'n Ander produk waarvan ek gelees het (BioVam Mycorrhiza) het die volgende gese op hul webwerf:

What is the shelf life of BioVam Mycorrhiza?

Store the fungi in a loosely covered or open container (not air tight) at 70F (20 degrees Celsius) or less, but do not freeze.  Keep the fungi cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight.  If you dont have a suitable cool storage area, BioVam can be stored in your refrigerator.  Under these conditions the viability of the fungi is guaranteed for one year.



#2 Nov 24th 2007 4:59 pm

From: Sasolburg
Registered: Aug 27th 2006
Posts: 31

Re: Meer oor Mycorrhiza


Dankie vir al die moeite om vir my mycorrhiza te stuur.

Ek het dadelik toe ek die micorrhiza gekry het daarvan gestrooi en ingewerk op die hele oppervlak waar my pampoene gaan groei. Was ek gister verbaas toe ek slote daar grawe in die pampoenland die miccorrhiza het begin groei en lyk net soos sampioene se "spoor run" of wat sampioengroeiers praat van "mycelium" Dit het `n wit groeiloop wat soos wortels lyk net baie dunner.
Ek weet mycorhiza moet werk want net soos sampioene se "mycelium" breek dit die kos so af sodat die plant dit direk kan opneem.

Groete Drikus

Drikus Kleinhans



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