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The home of giant pumpkins in the Boland

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Pniel's pumpkins amazes

by Freddie Simpson

The Pumpkin Festival of the Congregational Church in co-operation with the Pniel Pumpkin Planters Association which took place last Saturday in Pniel was a great success.

The competition for the biggest pumpkin was again won this year by Mario Williams with his large creature of 163 kilograms. Eugene Simpson was second with a pumpkin of 110kg. The highlight of the day was however when Johan Jooste and his father of Bellevue Manor turn up with two pumpkins that the balance the scales at respective masses of 304 and 254 kilograms.

People were amazed at Freddie Simpson's longest bean of 69 centimeters, and everybody wanted to buy Auburn Jefthas's massive melon of over 20 kilograms. Henry Jordaan weighed in a tomato of 540 grams, and onions of 400 grams. Titus was Simpson very proud with his super sweet La Rochelle grapes of 800 grams, and Franklik van Graan was grand with his "kromnek"-pumpkin of 89 centimetres.

Eddy Basson proudly displayed his butternut of 42 centimeters, and the price for the biggest 'flat white boer pumpkin' (boerpampoen) went to Mrs. Florrie Solomons.

Freddie Simpson was ace with the biggest pepper, the hottest chili and the biggest makataan. Ashley Mentoor's aubergine (eggplant) was the biggest, and the pumpkin ghost carving competition was won by Hilton Simpson and Hilton junr. Carlyn Simpson's fruit-and-vegetable-arrangement also won.


A bit more about giant pumpkins:

The Atlantic Giant is a variety of pumpkin that was bred by Howard Dill. The variety commonly produces pumpkins weighing in excess of 200kg. This variety of pumpkin is truly extraordinary in that it has grown the heaviest and largest (volume) fruit in the world. Many people grow the Atlantic Giant pumpkin variety for competition at weighoffs and harvest festivals around the world. These gardeners tend to become extraordinarily involved with taking care of their pumpkins, because of the large amount of effort that it takes to grow this variety. Numerous clubs and organizations exist in many regions to promote giant pumpkin growing.

The heaviest Atlantic Giant pumpkin ever grown weighed in at 2009 pounds (911 kg). This fruit was grown by Ron Wallace in 2012.









8 Maart 2003